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4X Made Easy Scam

4X Made Easy
President: James Dicks
Founded: Unknown
Location: Texas
The 4x Made Easy scam, or more correctly, the 4x Made Easy scam involves the program called Forex Made Easy, which teaches people how to trade foreign currency through the Forex market on the internet. The company claims that you can make lots of money by buying their software, which is sold around the country.

This is where the actual 4x made easy scam comes into play. Most people are complaining that they are not making any money at all, and moreover, when they complain to the company, they are told that they need to cough up more money, another $1000 as a matter of fact, for additional training. Is this starting to sound like a scam to you yet?

Well, in addition to this, Fox News in Rochester actually investigated these guys because thee were so many complaints, and the company couldn't produce any of it's “hundreds of satisfied customers”.

Some of the advantages of trading on the Forex are: The leverage ratio in the Forex is much higher than equities, and they allow Futures trading. As well, they have a 24 hour market which can respond to breaking developments right away. Some of the disadvantages include: the potential exists to lose a lot of money faster on the Forex, than with Equities or Futures; also, while you are not glued to your screen, like when you are sleeping or working, the potential exists to lose all of your money.


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