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Acai Berry

Human's quest for long life and healthy living has spurred the many pages of books, newspapers, websites and magazines.

It's how science research and convert anything that may promote life, to far away lands as Tibet through the virgin forest of Amazon .

Surprisingly, the excellent medicine on most common illnesses is at times located in the unspoiled and undisturbed places and what's more interesting is that the life-promoting nutrients can be found on very small berries like acai. 

From the family of wild berries, is considered to be one of the few super foods, one of the healthiest foods on earth. Interestingly, acai is also one of the hardly recognized berry not until in 1995 when it was discovered in the rainforests of Amazon. The Acai berry is black in color.

Small yet filled with unsaturated fatty acids, the acai berries. The fruits are smaller than the grapes but are ten times more powerful than the anti oxidant nutrients of grapes. 

Moreover, acai berry are best eaten fresh for these tastes like the usual berries at first but have the sweet chocolate subtle aftertaste. While these berries are difficult to get primarily because of where the trees grow, you can actually purchase fresh acai berries in some stores and freeze them for later consumption.

Unfortunately, due to the growing needs of these berries, acai are being sold faster considering their cost when bought in the market.

Usually, customers who purchase acai berries receive the fruits in frozen condition because of the need to preserve the freshness of these fruits from Amazon rainforests to the mainland markets, particularly in the United States . 

Out of these small berries, you could get the most out acai. From their pulp down to their seeds, this berry can offer help on the following conditions: 

  • Sustain organ and body functions
  • Boosts and enhance immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory fruits
  • Antioxidant components which is 10 times greater than grapes
  • Helps reduce plasma cholesterol
  • Promotes healthy and shiny hair and sustain glowing skin
  • Refreshes the body

Hence, the next time you spot acai berries in the market, grab your purse and buy as many berries as you can for tomorrow, you may not have the chance to purchase more!

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