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Adornments Lampwork

Some of the most beautiful handmade jewelry in the world is made with adornments lampwork beads.

These gorgeous glass beads all have their very own unique characteristics. Each lampwork bead is different from the next and reflects the character of the artist who made them.

Adornments lampwork is handmade by manipulating hot glass with a torch. The artist sculpts and shapes the beads into various forms.

While the glass is molten it is often mixed with other colors which are swirled into many different patterns. Some are polished and etched to give them a velvet type finish which is highly desirable.

After the beads are cooled they are ready to be made into the highly popular fashion jewelry. Sometimes they are adorned with sterling silver accents and crystals.

Many adornments lampwork beads have bumps on them which are made of clear glass while others are smooth with a swirl of different colors. Each bead is different in size and shape.

This beautiful jewelry made from lampwork glass can be found in fine jewelry stores or novelty shops that specialize in unique and different items. There are also many places on the internet which feature this beautiful jewelry.

Some sites offer to sell just the adornments lampwork beads so that you can fashion your own jewelry piece. It is important to understand that each piece will be different in size, shape, and color.

Many dealers will try to work with you to match the pieces as much as possible but exact matches are not possible.

The Business Review
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