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Andrews Water Heater LPG

The Andrews water heater LPG is an ingenious product that was designed to save energy and become a better alternative than traditional water heaters. There are many types of Andrews water heater LPG, such as the Oil Fired Water Heater, Balanced Flue Wall Hung Water Heater, or the Gas Standard Hi-Flo Range and many places that carry or ship them. We have outlined the most popular types of Andrews water heater LPG and places that carry them, below for your convenience.

Some of the more popular types of Andrews water heater LPG are the Oil Fired, the Balanced Flue Wall Hung and the Gas Standard Hi Flo Range. First, the Oil Fired Water Heater available from Andrews, has many available types for sale. They are the OFS 25, 29, 63, 90, 108 and 163. With a storage capacity ranging from 192 L-306 L. They also have an efficiency rate of between 82% -88%, with a fuel type consisting mostly of kerosene or gas oil.

The Balanced Flue wall Hung Andrews water heater LPG comes in 2 main types: the External Wall-Hung WHX42 with a height of 600mm. and a width of 350 mm, and the External Wall-Hung WX56. Lastly, the Gas Standard Hi-Flo Range comes in models of 24/39, 32/40, 40/61, 63/62, 84/87, 65/173, 81/264, 62/341, 54/418 and the 54/440. These models of Andrews water heater lpg come with a storage capacity of between 109 L-245L.

For those you who are interested in purchasing an Andrews water heater lpg, you can, of course go directly to the company to place an order online or in person. The online link is: . They are located in the UK . However, it may be difficult for some people to take advantage of this service. More places where they can be purchased are: and .

Andrews offers many other products as well, including solar-powered products. Keeping up with technology and the change in our environment, the Andrews water heaters LPG are changing in time.

These products are very reputable and the company itself has been around since 1976, and brags of being the number 1 provider of cost effective water heating solutions. We definitely recommend any of the above products and Andrews as a company.


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