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I am an Arbonne Consultant and Executive District Manager.  No disrespect at all is meant by this comment, however I am curious why you posted this remark:

“They claim that you will make fast easy money as a client and will move up the proverbial ladder to becoming a consultant.”?

Upon doing research on arbonne, one of the first (and most frequently noted) things said is that “the success and income is based solely on the individual consultants efforts and performance”. 

Another note.  The following statement is also false: “It seems as though one of the only drawbacks to working for Arbonne International is the fact that you would have to do a lot of door-to-door sales.”

As managers, we personally train our team members with integrity.  We never tell someone to sell door to door.  Arbonne prides itself on high standards and by no means is a consultant called to become a door salesman.  Our marketing efforts are done by word of mouth and referrals. 

Coming from another well known network marketing company, I know the risks and honestly humiliation that comes when a Director teaches you to chase potential clients around the mall or knock on every door in your neighborhood, but please know that Arbonne does not teach this and every consultant will tell you the same.  Now, if someone has gone against what they were taught and perhaps done this thinking it could help their business, then that's a different story.  We are told to follow the path of those who have gone before us.  That's not a discouragement to not be creative in your business, but it's definitely a warning that things like door-to-door marketing do not work. 

Network marketing has come a very long way since Amway etc.  I believe it is time to give it the respect it deserves.  I encourage you to take a peak at Arbonne's compensation plan.  You might be intrigued! 



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