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Debian Remote Console

The Debian remote console is a very neat system that allows you to do some great things that you have not been able to do before.

It can be compared to a tower which contains basic tools you need to do basic functions. To this, add the software that you normally use on your computer.

Then finally, at the top of the tower you will find Debian organizing everything and seeing that everything fits together and works together.

The Debian remote console was designed by a group of people who wanted to provide a free operating system.

The term free here does not mean without cost, it means to have freedom. People desire to have computer software that provides them with the things they want such as playing games, editing documents, or just managing their business.

Debian currently has over 18,733 packages of software that is bundled together and will easily install on your computer.

Just about any computer will run the Debian remote console, even the ones that are older. Practically all common hardware is supported by Debian.

While there are some companies that do not release their hardware specifications to prevent support by another company, you need to beware of these.

If the company later goes out of business you would not be able to access any support in the case of a malfunction.

Debian recommends that you limit your hardware purchases from people who allow free drivers for their products.

This allows greater user versatility without unnecessary costs

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