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Detecting gold using UV light
Don't you know that you can use UV light to detect gold? Well, detecting gold using UV light is never impossible nowadays as with the advanced technologies emerging from time to time everything is possible.

It had been a common knowledge that most of the gem stones shine brightly under the luminance of UV lights. So with these, detecting gold using UV light is possible as well under the right circumstances.

You can try searching over the Internet on what are the different colors of gem stones that usually shines every time it falls under the luminance of UV light.

Technically, gold does not have any fluorescence in it that can be use to interact with the UV light that may cause it to shine.

However, it is still can be detected using the UV light. In doing so, you need a shortwave UV lamp that comes with the safety glasses. It is best to use short waves than the long waves.

Also, always remember to wear shortwave lamps for you not to damage your eyes during the detection process.

With the ghostly flashes of yellow light emitting from gold, it is now possible to detect gold using UV light as the flashes of yellow light serve as the fluorescence of the gold itself.

The yellow flashes can also be the glowing compound of gold in detecting hazardous solvents. From this compound as well, emergence of tiny and colorless crystals similar to diamonds are also possible for detecting gold using UV light.



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