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Halliburton Jobs In Iraq KBR
Despite of all odds and dangers, Iraq still attracts people from all over to work there, due to high salaries and perks offered. People of common trades like truck drivers or washer men get 3 times the money that they usually earn.

The oil industry, which is the life line of the country, alone has a continuous requirement for employees of various skills.

There are a number of small and big agencies having job vacancies in Iraq , and Halliburton and KBR are the names of the two largest companies of USA , recruiting for various jobs in Iraq.

Halliburton's KBR Inc. provides U.S. troops with various ground and technical services, including transport, food, postal services etc.

They organize job fairs all around for the purpose and have a large number of applications and resumes registered with them, yet they have a continuous demand for qualified people for various vacancies.

In an unfortunate incident, where a few employees were killed by Iraqis and the company was demanded to pay for the compensation.

The controversy is intensified by the allegations of having ties with the US President Dick Cheney.

Halliburton and KBR are also charged of overcharging the government for the basic facilities like food, fuel etc plus supplying contaminated water and sub standard food. But, the companies deny these charges and claim to give high priority to the security and safety of its employees.

Halliburton, besides providing work force, also provides other support to the American forces in Iraq .

These services include supply of water and fuel to meet the requirement, as well as providing air traffic control and instant rescue services in case of emergency. They are also playing a role in restoring oil infrastructure in Iraq.

The fact still is that the company earns more profits from its energy projects than its recruiting and other services.



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