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Hillary Clinton Bible Prophecy
Have you heard about the Hillary Clinton Bible Prophecy ? Do you have any idea what is it about?

Well, the concept of this idea has something to do with the election of Hillary Clinton in America this coming year 2008. Some say that her election to the White House will eventually “Seal the Doom of America”, which is exactly similar to the election of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

These are just statements and still have no basis facts at this time.

Linking politics with the Bible prophecy had been a practice in different nations worldwide not only in America .

All decisions and choices made by kings and leaders to run their nation have something to do with the interconnection of politics and prophecy as through these, they make their constituents get affected on either they will decelerate or accelerate the start of great tribulation within their country.

Relating this to the Hillary Clinton Bible Prophecy, some people say that it will accelerate the Bible prophecy just like a jet engine that is attached to a race car.

The Hillary Clinton Bible Prophecy had started when Hillary Clinton was quoted saying that “Many believe in the End Times.

I believe we simply need a change of direction”. When we say “end times”, it refers to the political word of code for ignorant masses believing in the Bible prophecy.

From this quotation, the Hillary Clinton Bible Prophecy was initiated many people concluded that Hillary's meant on “change of direction” refers to the 180-degree turn around from a Judeo-Christian based culture and society America to a socialist and satanic America.

Also, from the Hillary Clinton Bible Prophecy, there would be a repeated mantra of every hard core Lucifer worshiper and Satanist who believed that they can change the Bible prophecy and reverse the revelation, which will give way to the victory of Satan over God.



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