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LPG Sight Glass
LPG Sight Glass or water gauge is a transparent tube through which the operator of a tank or boiler can observe the level of liquid contained within. It is used in a LPG/Gas Sampling Box. Liquid Sample Sight Glass is also used to monitor the flow of LPG to ensure that no bubbles are present, among many other functions.

The LPG/Gas Sampling Box has many parts besides the LPG Sight Glass that function together as one unit. One of the parts is a Gas Sample Valve Handle. This positions the gas sample valve for load or inject. Another common part is an Outlet. They connect to analyzer to deliver the sample.

A Liquid Sample Valve Handle is used to position the liquid sample valve for load or inject. There is also the Liquid Sample Sight Glass, or the LPG Sight Glass. This as mentioned above is used to monitor the flow of LPG to ensure that no bubbles are present. The Liquid Sample Blocking Valve is used for blocking the flow of a liquefied gas sample when filling the LPG sample top.

As well, there are Carrier Gas Flow meters for monitoring and setting carrier gas flow for each sample type flow path. A Temperature Controller is used to set the temperature of the heated components.

A Gas Sample Inlet Fitting is needed to which a 1/8 pressure compression is fitting for gas sample introduction. In addition to all these parts and the LPG Sight Glass , there is also a Liquid Sample Inlet Fitting that is required, which is a 1/8 pressure compression fitting for liquid sample introduction.

LPG Sight Glass is a very useful tool of technology that we use and there are many makes and models available. Some of the features include: large viewing area, lightweight, easy installation, rotating flanges, Teflon gaskets, tempered Borosilicate glass standard, pressure rating and temperature rating, among others.

LPG Sight Glass is easy to find and if you are in the market for some we have compiled a list of manufacturers and retail outlets. Some manufacturers of LPG Sight Glass are: CHEM Flowtronics, Primary Flowpoints LTD, Process Equipment Corporation and Alpha Controls and Instrumentation. There are many locations to buy across the country. There are also many online sites available to purchase LPG Sight Glass.



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