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Maine CNG Gas Distributor

CNG, or compressed natural gas, is used for many things and is distributed everywhere in the world. As a Maine CNG gas distributor , there are many things that can be offered to the consumer. As an alternative to gasoline or diesel fuel, compressed natural gas is considered to be an environmentally friendly and clean burning fuel.

It is made by compressing natural gas in a percentage range of 70-98%. Usually stored in cylinder-shaped containers, to maintain an equal amount of pressure on all sides, the CNG is stored and distributed in hard containers, usually made of steel, aluminum, or possibly plastic. There are many Maine CNG gas distributor that store and ship for the consumer.

Compressed natural gas is being used in light-duty passenger vehicles, pick-up trucks, medium-duty delivery trucks and is even starting to be used in school buses as a clean alternative to fuel.

As a fuel, it is very versatile in its ability to be used in both Otto-cycle engines and diesel cycle engines. Any Maine CNG gas distributor has to go through the same channels to actively distribute the CNG.

A pressure regulator, an instrument that converts natural gas from storage pressure to metering pressure, is first needed in order for the equipment required for CNG to be delivered to an Otto-cycle engine. Another instrument needed by any Maine CNG gas distributor is a gas-mixer or gas injectors.

Sometimes CNG gets confused with LNG, which is liquefied natural gas, as opposed to compressed natural gas. They both have to be stored in similar ways; however CNG has a much lower cost of production and storage.

One Maine CNG gas distributor that is well-known and trusted is John Deere Power Systems, which are located all over metro areas of Maine , including Portland . Another major player in the Maine CNG gas distributor game is Linkletter and Sons Inc. located in Athens , Maine .

Distributors of compressed natural gas are not as easy to find as those of regular fuel, but they are there if you want to do the research. It is definitely worth it to change to a cleaner-burning fuel, and CNG is also cost-efficient when compared to other alternatives for an environmentally-friendly gas.


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