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One Ton Hooks
One ton hooks are used in weight-lifting to relieve pressure and grip problems when lifting. Pulling exercises such as chin-ups, shrugs and dead lifts all work the back muscles and put undue strain on the back.

A lot of times your back still can handle a lot of strain but your grip cannot. This is where one ton hooks become an excellent tool for weight training. Up until recently, other tools such as wrist straps were used for the grip problems that so many people who work out experience. With the advent of one ton hooks, even the traditional problems associated with straps can be obsolete and more of the muscles that you want to develop can be utilized.

They eliminate problems with grip by attaching your hands to the bar with solid steel hooks. Surrounding the hooks is thick padding which protects your hands and wrists from damage and you are able to lift with relatively small problems. Tests have been performed using both these tools to test the strength and endurance of the one ton hooks.

As well, there are many places which specialize in the sale and rental of all types of fitness equipment including weight-training equipment and one ton hooks. We have outlined a number of the best places around to take advantage of the best deals in weightlifting equipment such as one ton hooks.

Some of the test performed on the one ton hooks are as follows: with or without the hooks, strength and endurance, and of course maximum weight tests. These are the real test as to whether or not these hooks would stand up to the strain put upon them by really serious weight lifting.

The first test was with and without the hooks. With the hooks, there was between 40-50% improvements in rep number by professional weight lifters. In this case the one ton hooks certainly passed the test. The next test performed on the hooks was a strength and endurance test.

This was performed during an entire workout session and not merely a set or two. Grip becomes a factor a lot quicker when the entire workout is up for debate. During a 40 minute workout with the hooks they stood up very well and there was no limiting factor to grip so that your back muscles are able withstand all they can, and grip becomes no problem, even near the end of the workout.

The one ton hooks completely passed this test as well. Lastly, the test of what is the maximum weight that the one ton hooks would support was checked. Tests performed on the hooks showed that they could stand the pressure of about 905 lbs on a bar. This is a very big increase compared to the 600 or so lbs. that a professional could take before their grip gave out before using the hooks.

All in all the hooks stood up very well to the tests performed and would definitely be as asset in any weight-trainer's routine.

There are quite a few places available to purchase one ton hooks and we have compiled a list of the best possible places for purchase. One such online store to purchase one ton hooks for a pretty competitive price is KD Industries Fitness Innovation.

They sell the hooks among many other fitness training equipment for around $55.00 + shipping and handling for one set and two sets for around $100 + a $16.00 shipping charge. This is a very good deal and is available to all residents of the United States or Canada.

Another place that specializes in fitness equipment and sells one ton hooks in particular is Hold-Ons. They sell the hooks for around $60 + shipping and handling a set and are available for sale to USA and Canada.

They also ship very fast with shipping to your home in about 2-3 business days. Lastly, is another great place we discovered where you even get to try out your new one ton hooks for a 90 day trial period and then if you are not satisfied you can send them back.



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