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PSP Hacks
The PSP or Playstation Portable is the latest in awesome gaming from Sony. It allows you to play games from anywhere you like and you can now keep yourself occupied on a place, in your car (provided that you are not driving of course) or even in bed.

Now there are also psp hacks that have been coming in to various websites by the hundreds as can be expected with any sort of gaming device.

The psp hacks can be for any of the games that you can get on your psp and the hacks can also include cheats or alternate levels that are usually only reached in certain games once you have completed a stage or received a bonus.

The hacks include firmware which fixes certain errors that occur when you are uploading really large files via USB.

There are many more hacks that you can find on different websites once you become a member and some can give you uncensored games and do all sorts of other cool things.

The psp hacks are all listed for people who have PSP's to use. You will just have to download them from certain people, so make sure that you can trust them or at least try to find out if the hacks really work and it is not a scam of some sort.

You never know what kind of vindictive people are out there just trying to waste your time and your bandwidth, while also ruining and planting unknown bugs into your PSP.



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