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Persecution Christians Map
Are you aware of the Persecution Christians Map ? Don't you know that once every one minute of a day there are Christians who are persecuted?

Persecution is a non-stop activity. In different parts of the world where Christianity is a religious belief, there are Christians who suffer just because they follow Jesus Christ.

The countries that are included in the Persecution Christians Map are North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, Maldives, Yemen, Bhutan, Vietnam, Laos, Afghanistan, China, Uzbekistan, Eritrea, Turkmenistan, Comoros, Chechnya, Pakistan, Egypt, Myanmar (Burma) and Sudan.

What are the main driving forces of persecuting Christians resulting to the so-called Persecution Christians Map ? First of these driving forces is the religious nationalism for the reason of national purity.

Religious nationalism is very important among the stated nations above included in the Persecution Christians Map . Leaders of these nations staked out the exclusivity of religious terms in their territory.

However, some of the nations in the Persecution Christians Map still see Christians as a defiling presence while the other nations force Christians to accept only second-class status or they have to get out of the country. Another driving force is the Islamic extremism for the reason of glory sake.

Islamic extremists have the vision of pan-national wherein they want the whole world to be Islamic and all races to be Muslims. Because of these, the actions of Muslim terrorists in persecuting Christians include direct state persecution, communal violence and direct attack by the radical Islamic terrorists.

Another driving force is the totalitarian insecurity out of fear. There are totalitarian nations that persecute Christians for the reason of fear that Christians are threats to their rules. Last of the driving forces is the illiberal pluralism out of arrogance.

With this, the democratic bloc is becoming more intolerant of evangelistic religions.

There are terms such as “proselytizing” and “evangelistic campaign” are conjuring up the narrow minds of fundamentalists who prefer to shove the religion down through the throats of the people.



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