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Solar Electricity Questions and Answers
solar electricity questions and answers is a growing trend with more and more people looking to tap into the energy savings.

Here are some solar electricity questions and answers which are designed to help inform and educate you about solar usage.

You might ask what solar electricity can be used for. In reality it can be used for heating a hot water heater, cooking, providing light after dark, and a wide variety of other applications.

There are certain factors that determine solar electricity questions and answers. Certain conditions in the atmosphere can affect the amount of solar energy that reaches the surface of the earth.

Cloudy conditions can diffuse the light and reduce the amount of power it produces.

Other solar electricity questions and answers involve the power of solar energy to produce heat.

How is it possible to heat a building using the power of solar energy? A special wall known as a Trombe wall is installed on a side of the building which receives the most sunlight during the day.

This wall accumulates the heat during the day and releases this heat during the night hours. These walls have been able to produce up to 70% of the heat needed for comfort.

Most of these systems are inexpensive and will more than pay for themselves with continued use.

Another popular use for solar electricity is cooking. Solar cookers do not use any kind of fuel so they are free to use.

Many organizations are promoting solar cooking because it preserves the woodlands and it provides safe and clean cooking.

There is one drawback; solar power is the greatest at the hottest time of the day and some people prefer to stay in and eat something cooler.

These are a few thoughts on solar electricity questions and answers.

If you have internet access you can discover a mountain of information regarding solar electricity and the uses for it.



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