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Aged Corporations in California

Baby boomers, everyone knows who they are and what they are doing, so why aren't we paying attention.

These aged corporations in California are full of top level managers and executives that are ripe for retirement and there is no one to replace them with.

There are too few people graduating from college, and most people within organizations don't fit due to their training and circumstances, they might know the company but they have no experience in running the company.

For all those who are graduating with their bachelor of arts or science in whatever it might be, think again about going to graduate school, it might make you more money than you think.

All these aged corporations in California are looking for the new generation to take over. Which means an entirely new market for all those entrepreneurs.

Whenever there is a change in the management there is innovation, change, and room to grow. New blood always is good, whether it closes down the business and makes room for others or fuels and new line of technology.

Wake up Americans, go to school, pay attention to those Baby Boomers, because they are not going to wait for any one, you should be looking and waiting for them.

The future of technological innovation and the success of the American firms is on a very thin line, especially with the increasing advent of foreign competition and outsourcing on the increase.

If America wants to see some progress they might want to pay attention to what is going on right now with what is going to happen in a few years time. This is a market failure, whoever grabs hold of it will be the next Bill Gates.

The Business Review
The Business Review