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Arbonne Interantional Scam

 Arbonne International
President: Petter Morck
Founded: 1980
Location: Irvine California
Petter Morck developed the company Arbonne International after developing a skin care line made with botanical ingredients in Switzerland.

Arbonne International is a company that sells skin care, body care, aromatherapy, and weight-loss and nutritional supplements. They also try to entice people into joining the Arbonne company to work as representatives and start their own home-based business. They claim that you will make fast easy money as a client and will move up the proverbial ladder to becoming a consultant.

To become an Arbonne distributor, you have to buy a basic starter kit for $29 minimum. This is an extremely low price for an MLM scam for start-up, so we decided to do some follow-up on the possibility of an Arbonne International Scam, although from the outside this company looked pretty legit.

Rumors of an Arbonne International scam have begun to circulate involving the company's distribution methods, but when we looked for information from actual Arbonne distributors, we found that most were happy with their work, and success.

It seems as though one of the only drawbacks to working for Arbonne International is the fact that you would have to do a lot of door-to-door sales. In this regard, the company is a lot like Avon, or Mary Kay. As a matter of fact these companies are Arbonne's biggest competitors right now, and Arbonne International seems to be breathing down their neck.

At the end of it all, we found no evidence to suggest that Arbonne International is a scam.



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