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No Arbonne Scam

Arbonne International
President: Petter Mørck
Founded: 1980
Headquarters: Irvine, California
Based in Irvine California , Arbonne International has been gaining popularity in Canada and the United states in recent years. Arbonne main product line is a group of over 300 products all claiming to be formulated with herbal and botanical products and 100% natural.

These products include such things as skin care products, anti-aging therapy, hair care products and weight loss supplements.

Much of the recent success of Arbonne International can be attributed to their MLM marketing campaign.

For a small amount of money just about anyone can become a distributor of Arbonne products. In fact, last year the company boasted over $35 million in sales with over 35% going back to the distributors.

Although there has been much controversy surrounding Arbonne and claims of an Arbonne Scam have been tossed around we see no evidence of any Arbonne Scam.

The only costs involved in starting with Arbonne as a distributor is a $29 starter kit or a $65 super starter kit. These starter kits are for very small amounts of money compared to most of the major MLM companies.

The only fault we could find with Arbonne is that we could not verify the claims surrounding their products.

We can't recommend getting that weight loss supplement or that Arbonne anti-aging system because we could not validate claims that they in fact work.

The only thing we can be sure of is that Arbonne is growing. In fact, Arbonne is breathing down the neck of its main competitors Mary Kay and Avon .

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