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Aveda Corporation
President: Dominique Conseil
Founder: Horst Rechelbacher
Founded: 1978
The Aveda Corporation was founded in 1978 by Horst Rechelbacher who was on a quest to provide hairstylists with a safe and all natural alternative to the chemical laced products which they were using. His goal was to start a beauty chain that would permute all natural products, natural health, and the importance of nature.

As such, it is one of Aveda corporations top priorities to incorporate nature and the environment into their products and business.

All of the Aveda discount items including

Body Lotions,

Ahava Mineral Beauty Serum for Very Dry Skin

Skin Care Products,

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and Make-Up Products

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all made from all natural plant-based ingredients.

The principles held by Aveda are often found throughout local industries. They tend to have a willingness to permute the all-natural since this is the trend for the average American consumer. However the instance promoting the all-natural does not remain a marketing scheme or isn't profitable, it is abandoned.

With Aveda this was not the case. In 1989, Aveda was the first privately owned company to publicly indorse the environmental principles known as the VALDEZ principles.

The VALDEZ principles include such things as:

The reduction of waste products

The promotion and production of safe products and services

The sustainability of natural resources education

Biosphere protection and education

Of course this is just a sample of all the principles for which VALDEZ is know.

While leading the way in the struggle to protect the environment Aveda took another major step joining forces with UNESCO and The United Nations Foundation in order to help protect and conserve some of the worlds most important places and resources.

As a leader in environmental issues and the maker of all-natural products the Aveda Corporation is given two thumbs up from us here at The Business Review.

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