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Big and Natural

The recent waves throughout the years of steroid abuse and other forms of enhancing drugs for sports professionals is ever increasing.

The desire for big and natural muscles is real, but they don't have enough time to get them on their own. Therefore they rely upon drugs to enhance their ability.

Is it such a bad thing? Many people use coffee, it is an enhancing formula that will keep you going for a few extra hours at work.

It will give you the edge you need to finish a project at three o'clock in the morning. Many people use sleeping pills, sexual pills, and other pills to achieve their goals.

So why is it so bad that sports professionals cant if everyone else does? It is a question no one will answer properly, because you can't.

Everyone wants something, some want big and natural muscles, others babies, others promotions at work. We are work hard to achieve them, but when a sports icon using muscle enhancers we get upset, feel cheated, etc. Life is life, let them use them if they feel so inclined.

If you feel upset the next time some icon uses drugs to enhance their work life relationship, just remember you own life and what you have done to get there. Now, drugs for a natural high feeling or sensation is not in this article. These are simple drugs and enhancements that help you.

Taking street drugs to get high is against this issue and not related. That is a whole other topic, where if street drugs were legalized, no more gangs would make money off it. The only thing would be weapons or hiring a hit man and those are already difficult to pull of.

Can you see gangs avoiding taxes, white collar crime, so what would happen with legalization of drugs?

This is certainly an unconventional view but it's worth bringing up in order to stimulate discussion. Do you agreeor disagree? We would love to find out your thoughts. Send us your comments.


The Business Review
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