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Bottled Water Delivery or Water Cooler Delivery

Water, something so simple, yet a very interesting commodity that soft drink giants are tapping into and extorting.

Makers such as Coca Cola and Pepsi sell bottled water.

If you go to a machine you pay $2.00 for a bottle of water, does not that seem just a bit too expensive? It only costs $0.20 per bottle and they mark it up way over 100%.

Then besides the price they charge, the water is not even good. In fact, some studies suggest that the water can be worse than tap water.

Everyone use to use the water fountains or bottled water delivery.

Yet people have been moving away from water cooler deliveries and into the convince of buying it in machines at absurd prices.

If people pay they will continue to produce and charge.

I for one would only purchase where I were stranded in a desert or stuck somewhere, but $2.00 when you can spend a few more minutes and get a whole gallon at a store for less? It boggles my mind. On top of that business save hundreds by using water filter systems like Brita than ordering bottled water delivery.

They make large machines just like the water cooler delivery. So smarten up, don't waste money and don't buy something that is not worth it.

Water is an abundant resource but these mogul giants are tapping it and acting like water has become a scarce resource, don't let them fool you.

If water was so scarce, beer and soda would cost even more.

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