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Donation To Cancer Charity

When was the last time you made a donation to cancer charity or for that matter any other charity out there?

Do you feel that it is a good thing or bad thing?

Let us lay out the reasonings for both arguments and make a decision for ourselves.

No donation to cancer charity or other charities.The first argument and the simplest, handouts never lead to anything positive. The age old saying of teach a man to fish so that he may be fed forever, applies with this argument. Also, why should we be supporting certain charities, save the insects? Who cares, but save the clean air or water, now you have someone's attention.

So it really depends on the charity and who benefits from it. Welfare is a subject very few people support because of its failure to help those who use it, because those who use it want to continue using it.

Yes to donation to cancer charity and other charities. It saves money, less tax revenue to the government and better distribution of income to those who need it.

Many argue that the government cannot efficiently allocate income and therefore by giving people the choice of where they can donate their money helps to put the money where people want it.

It is always better to give a family a meal than money. The government will pay for housing for the poor, assistance, health care and everything else to help someone get off their feet.

The only thing the poor do not have is someone who really cares trying to motivate them.

Everyone has the ability to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and make a living, own a home, car, whatever they want. But some people just do not want to work hard, and that is not how life works. So make a donation to cancer charity or a similar charity and put the money where it truly belongs.


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