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Cat Urine Odor Removers

The smell of cat urine is virtually impossible to remove using any regular kind of household cleaner. It can hang around your house in furniture and clothing and seep throughout the entire house. Because this is such an issue for cat owners, we have compiled a list of the top cat urine cleaners that should help you get rid of the terrible and embarrassing odor of cat urine.

The first product that works to remove the offending smell is called Odor Secret. It comes as an easy-to-use kit claims that it totally eliminates cat urine odors in less than 10 seconds. It is also safe to use on plants, upholstery, furniture and clothing.

The product works by chemically turning the urine residue into water (H2O), so that evaporation occurs, and the odor is removed. The other bonus to buying this product is that it guarantees that the odor will never return, and even your cat will not be able to recognize the spot. The price of this product is approximately $29.95, and is available online.

The next product we advise to you if you are looking for cat urine cleaner that works is Urine-Off.

This product is veterinarian approved, and guarantees that it removes all cat urine odors from any surface. Urine-Off attacks cat odor it the source permanently, and even eliminates cat urine odors years old. This product is guaranteed and offers full money back to unsatisfied customers, within 30 days.

This product is available in many sizes including a gallon bottle to a 500 ml. spray bottle. The 500ml bottle retails for approximately $19.99.

The last product that we found that apparently works on the odor of cat urine is called Odorcide 210 Pet Odor Remover.

This product works on lots of different pet odors, including urine, feces, decayed matter and vomit. Odorcide 210 also claims to be a permanent odor remover and one 16 oz bottle costs about $29.97; however it makes 2 gallons of cat urine cleaner.


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