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Celebrity Cruise Line

After all those years of childhood, dreams, school, marriage has finally come.

The only thing on your minds is an exotic vacation aboard a celebrity cruise line, lying on some exotic beaches, seeing the sites.

Not to shatter those possible realities, however, celebrity cruise line and celebrity galaxy cruise and a few other low budget corporations might just ruin those dreams of a fun time.

Once aboard you celebrity cruise line, there is plenty of gambling, drinking, malls, and other activities, but you do not need to pay all that money when you can go to places like Monte Carlo or Las Vegas and have more opportunities.

Aboard a cruise ship they offer lots of luxuries to help passengers pass their time until they reach their destination. Unfortunately, this thinking is causing an economic downturn in celebrity cruise line and other cruise ships.

You are afforded almost no time on land and site seeing, therefore the entire trip was a boat ride and there is no stopping and enjoying the sites.

If you have time to plan something, everything is rushed and you cannot be late.

While the cruise boats maybe fancy with all amenities, why go on a cruise when it costs so much and you really get so little.

There are some cruise ships where it is for site seeing, going to Alaska for example is like site seeing on the boat itself.

You watch from the boat as icebergs move and polar bears run, maybe even some whales.

You go to shore once and a while, and when night hits you don't want to be out anyway so the time constraint isn't that bad.

However, exotic cruises to tropical areas are very lousy, if you want to do it, pay the money and go aboard a better cruise ship that is more flexible and gives you more time on the beaches.

There are also many bad consumer reports on the celebrity cruise line, read up, stay informed.

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