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Cheap Ipod

Will there every be such a thing as a cheap ipod?

I don't think so and Apple does not think so either, or it would not be a publicly traded firm worried about profits. In these technical savvy days, companies like Apple and Sony create a new device every six months that improves upon the last only slightly, but the new design is so enticing to get existing buyers to relinquish their recent purchase and make another.

Yet there is a bright side to there ideas of continuously producing newer ipods at expensive prices, constant liquidation of previously owned versions, or in other words, a cheap ipod.

Every time a new ipod is announced hundreds of thousands of people begin to sell, give as presents or pass down their hand me downs techno gizmos.

This inundation of the market brings cheap ipods in nearly new condition to buyers.

If you can live with a used one eBay may be the place for you. You might be able to find refurbished and even new, but eBay is best for the used ipods in this instances.

If you want reliability and trust while purchasing a new old version, places like are great places to look for bargains, they also have sellers that have old ipods for sale also.

So the answer to if there will ever be a cheap ipod, is the following, for a brand new version, never.

But, for any old, used refurbished or just outdated inventory, you can find what you are looking for.

So have patience and you will have what you are looking for and you won't have to pay the premium like all your friends.

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