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Cheep Car Stereo Equiptment

There are three rules to follow when shopping for cheap car stereo equipment.

First, is the stereo cool looking? Second, will it last? Lastly, how much does it cost?

Let us start by addressing the second issue.

Some stereos have protruding pieces, flip out cases, removable parts, etc. Although these additional features may inspire you to make a purchase you need to think, will this snap off easily if my friend does not know what he is doing or if my children are playing around?

Most likely, these cheap cool looking parts are put in place for that reason.

The first issue is it cool looking.

After taking into account the durability of the unit, you do want something that is appeasing to the eyes and will remain that way.

Do not buy something that is a fad, funky color, etc.

These things change and you do not want to keep paying people to remove your system and put in a new one. So choose neutral colors and classic styles that look modern but will fit in any personality.

Choose a material that will not scratch easily or show easily [soft plastic, vinyl, etc.].

Last, the price. What the sticker price says is very important. Sometimes they offer a free additional pair of speakers and other cool accessories, but they do not include installation and that is where they make their money.

Do not buy the cheapest models, they never come with free installation and after adding that price they cost more than the more expensive stereos.

I have seen this in many spots. Do not get ripped off by the installation, find a deal with it included. These are just a few common rules to follow when buying cheap car stereo equipment.

The Business Review
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