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Dell Refurbished Computers

Founded: 1984
Founder & CEO: Michael Dell
Headquarters: Austin , Texas
Since its founding in 1984 Dell has risen to become a $41 billion dollar company in 2004.

Dell computers prides itself on providing customers affordable technology solutions. In fact, Dell computers and corporate governance are so intertwined that one would not survive without the other.

Their product line is vast including everything from personal computers, large screen televisions, home entertainment systems, to cameras, handheld devices, and mp3 players.

In North America it is difficult to find an office building without one of Dells main products, the desktop computer. The Dell product line is so successful that I would bet you too know someone with a Dell home computer.

Dell does not stop at offering new home computers. They also offer their Dell refurbished computers at a discount. As well, Dell coupons can be found throughout their site and the internet.

Dell prides itself by offering free upgrades and/or discounts with almost all its products. If you are willing to look for coupons for Dell computers it is almost guaranteed that you'll find a coupon giving you more money off your desktop or laptop computer.

In our research we did come across an awful lot of consumer complaints regarding Dell computers and Dell refurbished computers.

We have investigated a number of complaints and for the most part we have concluded that the high number of consumer complaints regarding Dell computers and Dell refurbished computers is do to the fact that Dell sell and ships such a large number of computers.

Of course people buying computers are usually more technologically advanced therefore more likely to write online consumer complaints regarding any faulty equipment they may receive.

It must be noted that this is only one possible solution for the complaints.

As a whole, you are not likely to find better computer deals anywhere then with Dell. We would recommend Dell computers to anyone especially the first time computer buyer.


The Business Review
The Business Review