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The Ultimate Tool For Moving Disabled Vehicles

What is the ultimate tool for moving disabled vehicles or Car?

There are a few options when trying to remove your dead car.

The obvious is a tow truck, but are you willing to pay for it. There is a trick that will help you save lots of money on towing, and no it is not triple AAA.

With any car insurance company you can purchase a towing package for around $0.98 a month. This gives you free towing within 50 miles I believe. The only time I had to use it was wonderful.

I called my car insurance company and they gave me a few phone numbers of recommended towing companies. I called them, they came and I just had to give them my insurance card and show my ID. A very smooth transaction and painless. If you are not careful you will easily rack up a $150-$300 towing bill depending for your car how far you need your precious vehicle towed.

You have a few other options as well, towing it yourself. I have seen people do it the right way and the wrong way.

Do not tow another car by bunjee cord or chain, you are putting everyone on the road at risk. If you do not have a proper car tow and hook up system, do not try it. You may also get a ticked and fine if a police officer finds you.

Many People think the best option is to remove the car license plate, any registration and paperwork. Completely clean out your car and leave it on the side of the road. We do not recommend this.

Most cars I see getting towed, might as well be left there.

So donate your car to a lot, you might even get some money for donating your car , or a tax write off, you never know. These are a few of the ultimate tool for moving disabled vehicles.


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