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Donate A Car To Charity

What should you do if your car stops working?

There are a few things you can do: donate a car to charity, give it to a junk yard, recycling station, give it away, or just leave it by the side of the road.

Which should you choose and why? If you give the car away you run the risk of a few things.

First, if you do not fill out the proper paper work and get the other party to sign, you may be liable for any future problems caused by the car.

An example is if you give a car and sign most of the papers but do not fill out the last piece of paper, if that person gets a parking ticket or any ticket for that matter, it goes on your record. This is due to the laziness and delay of the government in processing and handling paperwork.

Even though you filled out almost everything, it is very hard to resolve these such issues because it is a beauracy.

If you give it to a junk yard or recycling station, it will save you a lot of grief. And if you go to the right junk yard and have the right car you can get up to $500 in cash for giving them your car.

They pay for cars that are popular because they resell the parts and earn lots more in cash.

However, most people do not have the space and/or know how to remove and sell the parts themselves. This is easy and they will generally pick up you car free of charge. This is also good for the environment, recycling save space in the dump yards.

You can also donate a car to charity, but you generally gain nothing, the charity gains little, and the tax write off does not help most people due to the way they file taxes.

So if you are planning on donate a car to charity, then think again. Sell the car to the junk yard and just give the charity the money.

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