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Dr. Perricone Prescriptions
Dr. Nicholas Perricone, the creator of many different programs including: Dr. Perricone Acne, Perricone diet weight loss results, and other different Perricone prescriptions has come under fire lately for his products and programs. He recently wrote a book entitled: “The Acne Prescription”, which emphasizes his program for clean and healthy skin.

The hard cover edition of his book sells for $27.00, the audio edition sells for $22.00, and he also offers an audio cassette regarding the Dr. Perricone Acne program, which sells for $18.95.

He has also published books called: “The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet”, and “The Wrinkle Cure”. This guy apparently claims to be an expert not just in skin conditions such as acne and wrinkles, but he claims to be an authority on the subject of weight loss too.

The Perricone prescriptions include lemon myrtle oil, green tea, proinflammatory chemicals and ground flaxseed. These, according to his book are supposed to stop the effects of acne.

Dr. Perricone acne solutions are available to the general public, and he makes a big deal of being affiliated with Yale University , to sell his products. However, when we did some research, we found out that he was an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine.

This however, good it may sound, was an unpaid position in which he supervised students from time to time. As well, his affiliation with the University ended in 2002, and his contract was not renewed.

Some of the Perricone prescriptions, he sells himself, and the products are available to the public at very steep prices. These range from $120 for 4oz. of alpha lipoic acid, to $570 for 2oz of a facial conformer for acne.

Maybe Perricone's Prescriptions would be credible if we could find people who claim they work. On the contrary, we found many complaints against him, including the Perricone diet weight loss results. This topic found the most complaints, and it seems that a whole lot of people are not impressed with his Former Yale connections.

We have to give Dr. Perricone big thumbs down on our review, and we hope we have saved some people a lot of money by writing this review



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