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Christian Drug Rehab

To branch off the topic of drug rehab programs, I would like to talk about Christian drug rehab and the differences and emotion behind them.

First, as we mentioned before. You need a purpose, something that will motivate you to withstand the process and continue to live that way. It does no good to go to a Christian drug rehab center and then start drinking or doing drugs a few weeks later.

These centers are meant to be a one stop and shop, going and come out fixed. But so many non religious centers find it difficult to give people a meaning or purpose to keep going on.

Within a Christian drug rehab, they have a purpose of life and a reason for being here on Earth, for doing well. It gives you a sense of self worth, that this life truly can be used for good and the betterment of all mankind.

Most importantly that this life does not end at death unless we lead a life that chooses such a tormentous afterlife, but that depends on the views of the Christian belief.

I think we have a lot to learn about our separation of Church and State within the US .

So many have trodden upon this one major reason for the founding of America and treated everyone fairly.

Now, there is no basis for drug rehab, no reason to stop prostitution except for the spread of infectious diseases. So many things have no bearing and so the walls of America are being torn down.

Without a basis, not even the worst in our society in Christian drug rehab programs can become good citizens, what about the normal citizens, what is to become of them?

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