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Earn Work From Home

Let us examine the trade offs of earn work from home and getting a full time job with a corporation.

First, corporations will provide you with 401k, dentist, eye, and health insurance policies. They will also pay for time off, sick days and more. Some corporations are very good at taking care of their employees. However, this is the trade off between you having the money or the goods. Yet, using economics, it can be shown that by having insurance you can enter into a pool of people and have greater care than using that money to provide your own physicians. Therefore the tradeoff with having the money or the insurance policies is great, and people should prefer the insurance policies.

Being self employed and earn work from home will greatly reduce these policies, because you will not always have money to pay for one or you opt for the cheaper policy.

A corporation will also pay half of Social Security and Medicare payments. When you are self employed and earn work from home you will have to pay all ~15% versus the 7.5% the corporation pays. Therefore, being self employed raises your taxes enormously.

It is only worth working for yourself if you can fit into one of the following categories. First, you would rather avoid the stress of the corporate world for less money.

Second, you can make entrepreneurial profits, three times more than you could have or more than at the company. If you don't have a good trade off, than it is not worth it.

So make sure you will have a happier life or make so much more money to offset the taxes and income effects.

The Business Review
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