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An EcoQuest Scam ?
EcoQuest International
President: Michael Jackson
Founded: 2000
Headquarters: Greeneville , Tenn.
EcoQuest started in 2000 when it broke from its parent company Alpine Technologies. EcoQuest has gained fame and fortune with their main product line of water and air purification machines.EcoQuest offers everyday people the chance to sell their products for a commission. This in turn has made EcoQuest a giant in the MLM world. In fact, EcoQuest along with its parent company Alpine Technologies employ over 75,000 people worldwide.

There has been a torrent of controversy about EcoQuests main product, the EcoQuest Fresh Air Machine.

EcoQuest has gained major contracts for large corporations as well as the US federal government to supply these Fresh Air Machines. Despite this fact many people continue to claim EcoQuest is nothing more then a giant MLM scam.

The claim is that the EcoQuest Fresh Air Machine emits a toxic gas called ‘ozone' when used.

In 2000, the FTC and the US Department of Justice filed a motion against EcoQuest in order to keep EcoQuest from claiming that its Fresh Air Machines provided relief from such medical conditions as Asthma. This quickly became known as the EcoQuest scam.

While we could find no direct evidence as to the validity of the EcoQuest scam these claims certainly warrant further investigation and research. We are urging anyone with information on the EcoQuest Fresh Air Machine to write us with the details.



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