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E Messenger MSN Online

MSN Messenger was created by Microsoft and released in 1999. It was created as a program allowing people to instantly communicate to one another over the internet.

With the release of MSN Messenger people could now sit in front of their home computer and write messages to others with the software installed. This was all done in real time. As well as writing messages, people could send files, communicate with a microphone or see each other via a webcam.

The product became so successful that millions of people worldwide now use MSN Messenger on a regular bases.

Since it is a free product it has become an especially popular alternative to the telephone and long distance plans.

In fact it is estimated that 1 in every 3 people with a high speed internet connection uses MSN Messenger or e messenger msn online.

E Messenger MSN online is a very similar product to MSN Messenger in that it allows people to communicate with others via an internet connection. However there is one major difference.

You don't need to install any software to use E Messenger MSN online. People can simply login to e messenger msn online as they would a hotmail or yahoo account and talk to people who are online.

The E Messenger MSN online option has created even more versatility for the MSN Messenger system. People who are using public computers are now able to login into E Messenger MSN online and talk to people just as they are when they are on their own computers.

This new online Messaging is quickly becoming the standard by which online messaging services will be compared and measured.

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