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Outsourcing employment, why do people feel that it is so bad all of a sudden? Outsourcing employment is simply hiring people in other countries, but some feel as if they are loosing their jobs.

But when did it begin, slavery, wheat, cotton, gold, diamonds, tea, silk? Are all these things created and traded just in America, Europe. No, they have been traded Internationally for years in locations where the raw materials are fabricated, where employment and labor is the cheapest, where demand forces them to go.

You can find employment information all over the web concerning ag export agent representation, imports, free lance work, and more.

So why is it exporting employment becoming more of an issue. Because people feeltheir jobs are threatened because they want life to remain unchanged, easy, and when they can point a finger at why they lost their job they will do it with anger and hate. When in reality it is they who have put themselves in this position, by either lack of education or continuing education or failure to comply with the changing times.

Many people in this employment business are feeling the brunt of this anger, employment managers, ag export agent representation, outsource companies and more.

We live in a global economy where the jobs come and go and whoever makes the next biggest invention is the country that will benefit from everything.

It is of no consequence that employment and jobs are leaving this country, I see it as an opportunity for everyone to work harder and make the next break through in technology, medicine, whatever it may be.


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