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Foreign Car Repair Dallas

How many people love to fix their cars? Then, how many know how to fix their cars?

Cars can be a frustrating thing, they are expensive new and fall apart used. If you price the cheapest cars at a feasible price, you will find they come out to be at the break even point of around $2000 a year in costs.

A new car generally has a three year warranty and then they on average last a few more years before anything terrible begins to occur, unless you are one of the unfortunate that buys a “lemon.”

So lets say six years till any major repairs for the average driver on a new economical car, that makes it $12,000 in value to you. But yet the cheapest cars that you really want to drive are around $17,000-$20,000.

So what are we to do, continue guzzling down the expensive fossil fuels and giving our money to the automakers? Or become smart consumers and do the right thing.

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Foreign cars are lasting longer and they are much cheaper than any other car out there. They are simpler to fix and maintain on average.

So, buy a foreign car brand new [put at least 30% of the value of the car down or more] and treat it like a baby. When time comes to make a repair go to a foreign car repair dallas and get it fixed. After two or three years of fixing the dying car, sell it and make the extra money.

This way you break even on a car of spending around $2000 a year. You will save money on gas consumption, foreign car repair dallas, and in the long run be better off.

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