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The last 20 years or so have seen some remarkable inventions.

One of the most sweeping was the invention of the video game or video game system. Video games have been around since the 70's however it wasn't until the early 80's where video games really began to take off.

The first wave hit with the release of the Atari game system. Featuring such games as Pong, Missile Command, and Pac Man the Atari was a staple in households across America .

With the introduction of the Nintendo entertainment system a brand new industry was born. Nintendo with its Super Mario Brothers would set the bar for every future game system release. Sega Followed with its Genesis then Nintendo countered with the Nintendo 64. Sony then jumped on board with the PlayStation. Finally Microsoft entered the picture with the Xbox, and on and on it goes.

With so many games to choose from and almost all titles available for the home PC or computer it's hard for the average Joe to decide what to choose. That's why many people are now turning to free fun flash games.

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Flash games are available online and are free to play. The only downside is that they are often very basic with many games rivaling the original Atari in complexity. Don't get discouraged.

There is another alternative to free fun flash games. These are games you can download directly to your computer.

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These games are modern and often run $60 or more at local retail stores. Here you'll find everything and anything you're looking for.

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