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Home Based Business Income Opportunities

There is a whole industry of people creating home based business income opportunities. Of course, most of them are to encourage people to start a home based business on their ideas with either a large franchise fee or a constant percentage of fees.

There are a few tips to spot the scams and worthless programs and to save your precious time.

The first rule to finding a legitimate or successful home based business income opportunities is to look at what they offer and what is required. If they offer high salaries and only 20 hours a week of work, it is 99% worthless or a scam. Why?

The reason is that no business can guarantee hundreds of thousands of dollars with little experience and little work unless you are doings something illegal.

A viable successful business requires hard work and some previous experience or skills. If a business was truly that easy and simple, the owner would not waste time franchising, he would instead incorporate and create millions more, why share?

The second thing to look for is compatibility.

Do you have the required skills to accomplish the task? An example of a home based business recently advertised is for health care hunters/recruiters. Because the industry fails to hire sufficient workers they pay great bonuses for scouts to locate employees for them.

The plan is legitimate and the ideas are true. It is a franchise that offers training, support and more.

There is a franchise fee of around $40,000 that covers training, materials and future support. Your success is based on your ability as a sales person to contact and hire the people.

You can make hundreds of thousands if you are lucky or know the right people. It is a good home based business, but it requires skill in many areas and a sizable investment to begin with.

If this business offered all this without the franchise fee, you should close the window and forget about it. As Adam Smith once said, there is no free lunch.

The Business Review
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