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Import Car Repair Dallas

Car repair Fraud is committed all the time and very few people trust their car mechanics for that reason.

When was the last time you went to a import car repair dallas shop and saw a man that just looked like he got out of jail and the other was barely legal to be working? You wonder if it really takes them three hours to do the job repairing your car.

Well there are ways to avoid being scammed by an import car repair dallas dealer. First, call up the BBB or look online for the Better Business Buera. They receive and investigate all business cases reported by consumers and make it available to consumers to help them avoid being scammed by a car dealership.

Second, look in the phone book and see the quality and size of their ad if any. Call their competitiors and get price quotes and maybe even ask them if they know anything about other car dealerhships across town.

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By doing this you will get a feel for both people the one you are researching and the one you are talking to. Both are car mechanics who want you business but you can tell and feel when they are lying or trying to sell you on something.

Just follow your gut feeling.

Lastly, always get in writing a repair quote, the work you want done and state that you want nothing else done. This will save you in a court of law.

Mechanics can not work on a part or area not specified by the customer unless you give them permission to do whatever needs to be done.

It is also by law in that they must retain all parts removed and in the event of cancellation and refund to replace the exact parts they removed.

Be a smart consumer and fight against white collar crime.

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The Business Review
The Business Review