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Investools Incorporated

Investools Incorporated
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Lee K. Barba
Founded: Unknown
Headquarters: Draper, Utah
The company Investools Incorporated offers a range of investor education products through the internet, through work at home programs, and through seminars.

Investools claims that over 190, 000 people have graduated from the program. They have over 370 employees, and have offices located in Palo Alto , California ; San Rafael , California ; New York City , New York ; and Houston Texas .

The company teaches beginner to intermediate-level investors how to buy, sell and trade on the internet.

They use what is referred to as “Black Bow Trading”, to do this. “Black Box Trading refers to the activity of your computer automatically buying, selling and trading stock on the internet based on certain signals that it receives.

The program that “teaches” your computer how to do this is the Investools Scam.

They actually claim to be able to train you to buy and sell on the Forex market with knowledge about your activities in only 2 days. This sounded a bit fishy to us.

We found information from former customers of Investools that implies that the software package from Investools wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.

The company offers information that might be useful to professional traders and investors who have been trading for years however, their target market of beginning traders just wasn't getting the full effect of the program.

As well, there have been complaints against the investools scam regarding the computer training programs stating that the customer's computers were making mistakes when trading automatically and losing money instead of making it.

As you should know by now, most get-rich-quick scams are just that-scams. There is no fast easy way to make thousands of dollars, and the bottom line is that companies who say you can, are usually lying.


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