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Designing a Kitchen Back Splash
Kitchen back splash is a popular decorating topic as of late. The 18 to 20 inch space in a kitchen between the counters and the wall cabinets can become a very gorgeous focal point and make an excellent place to display any assortment of decorative titles.

There are many design options when you are planning your kitchen back splash. Say you have slate floors in your kitchen and granite counter tops. The kitchen back splash you could create could tie the two together by maybe using a ceramic tile with a similar look.

A vintage or distressed look is also a very popular kitchen back splash design plan. The aged look would go excellent with kitchens containing ornate cabinetry and/or period hardware finishes.

Those who might be looking for a more modern look should look for a polished tile that resembles a natural stone like granite or perhaps a tile that contains bright and bold colors.

Metal and glass tiles are an extremely hot choice in kitchen back splash design. Both options would blend well with the hardware finishes of the kitchen and also create a sense of openness.

Some great things to keep in mind while deciding on a kitchen back splash is pay attention to the colors already in your kitchen.

If for instance cherry is used anywhere in your cabinetry seek out tiles to used in the back splash that contain red tones.

Whites and cream colored tiles would also work well with cherry woodwork.

Stores like Home Depot and Menard's are excellent places to shop for tile and get great advice on how to best design your kitchen back splash.

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