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Latin America Agribusiness Financial Fund

The Latin America Agribusiness Financial Fund is a newly formed fund that helps companies in financial distress.

It is a private equity investment fund that was established to purchase and manage eligible distressed assets.

The Fund divests itself of assets, and liquidates portions of the original assets. Profits will then be returned to the Latin America Agribusiness Financial Fund for subsequent equity investment and distributions to principals.

The Fund will be available to businesses that meet the following criteria. Businesses that are: privately owned, have net asset values of approximately $50 million US, in financial distress, recognized products and/or even some brand equity and, high actual or potential export capabilities and track record.

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The prime target areas of Latin America that the Fund will focus on are the areas of Brazil and Argentina.

This is because these countries offer many attractive investment opportunities, such as: recovery of economy could cause growth for the whole continent; they are among the most efficient and advanced agricultural economies in Latin America; there is a combination of internal food/feed requirements and high export capacities; there are many companies in the liquidity sneeze; and investor opportunities from heavily discounted asset values and mismanaged portfolios of institutional investors reflecting earlier investments at over-inflated multiples.

The Fund will focus on areas of agriculture in Latin America such as: integrated processing and production/marketing of branded products, livestock and fisheries, forestry, animal feed production companies, fertilizer/herbicide production and distribution, seed production, tissue culture/micro propagation, nutraceuticals, enhanced feed activities, bioremediation, and biomass energy and industrial by-products.

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The Latin America Agribusiness Financial Fund will help many businesses on the verge of bankruptcy, or other financial distress. The investment period for this Fund is 8 years, and the capitalization for the Latin America Agribusiness Financial fund is $100 million US.

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