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Is There a Market America Scandal

Market America
Founder and CEO: Jam.. H. Ridinge..(Edited)
Founded: 1992
Location: Greensboro , North Carolina
Market America is an organization which specializes in brokerage and internet marketing. They also sell health, beauty and nutrition products, and they are big believers in looking good and felling good.

They have been accused recently of being what is quickly becoming known as the Market America sca(Edited)Among other things,.(Edited)

When businesses make money by recruiting members, or by non-service profit, it is probably a pyram.... (Edited)usually only benefit those who join originally and not those who join later on.

The controversy came into play for Market America when they started being concerned about recruiting. We felt we had to investigate this farther, especially when we realized that they were saying people will earn $50,000 a year to work for them.

We found out that they hold seminars quarterly in different locations, and you leave with business skills and tools. Their system is known as the Unfranchise Business System. Market America 's distribution system is based on a marketing plan whereby each distributor recruits, trains and manages 2 sales organizations. This does seem to indicate that there may be some truth to the Market America sca.(Edited), and the controversy. If you have t recruit to join, it probably is a pyram... sche.(Edited). Especially since we found out that the founder, Jam.(Edited)H. Riding.(Edited), was involved with Amway, another huge fra...!

Please note that this article has been (Edited) as we have received threats of a lawsuit. All items that present Market Ameria in a negative manor have been edited.

As a result this article is bias



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