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There Is No Melaleuca Fraud

Founded: 1985
CEO: Frank L. VanderSloot
Headquarters: Idaho Falls , ID
Melaleula is the manufacturer of hundreds of home and wellness products. They have distribution centers across the United States , Europe and Asia .

Melaleula is well known for its MLM scheme and has acquired quite a reputation for its hard selling techniques.

Melaleuca has been coined as the Melaleula fraud or the Melaleula scam by many people looking to enter into the Melaleula distributor community.

It all begins with a presentation from a local distributor. You attend a meeting with other potential reps and provide the local Melaleula distributor with your contact information. In no time Melaleula will call you and pressure you into becoming a local distributor and will be asking you for your banking information.

We urge anyone reading this to please be aware of the consequences of giving out your personal banking information.
Many people have provided Melaleula reps with their contact and banking information as preliminary measures and made it clear they were not to be billed or charged unless they agreed. Wouldn't you know it, the Melaleula reps charged them anyway and refused to refund their accounts.

We have been searching to see if this is a symptom of Melaleula as a whole or simply a symptom of Melaleula scam reps trying to make a fast buck.

As far as we can tell it seems that Melaleula as a company is reputable. Over the years they have won many awards and hundreds of their distributors swear by their products and business.

As a potential rep we urge you to educate yourself on Melaleula and its products and please do not provide anyone with your personal banking information unless you are ready and willing to be charged.



The Business Review
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