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Merlin Telephone System User Manual

Merlin telephone systems are one of the best systems to use from small to medium size businesses.

They are easy find almost anywhere, they have a wide array of replacement parts and many options.

You can purchase a simple 5 button standard phone refurbished for around $60 and maybe cheaper if you find it in the right place. This simple telephone comes with an intercom and many programmable features.

There is a Merlin BIS-10 which comes with 10 buttons and even more options: LED indicates, and more.

It ranges around $90 for just one of these nice phones [refurbished pricing]. You also have the option of purchasing a merlin music on hold / paging system that will allow music for your on hold sources and the ability to loudspeaker page anyone on the system.

This little inexpensive box can mean success for your business. It ranges around $200 for a refurbished model.

But one of the toughest things with purchasing a merlin telephone system refurbished, is that it simply lacks the user manual.

Now, to find a merlin telephone system user manual is very difficult. Everyone is trying to locate them and will readily pay for them but they are simply not available. They are hard to find and so prices go up and demands remains high for quite some time.

One thing is for sure, if you find a merlin telephone system user manual, photocopy it, scan it, do whatever you can to create a back up. Because loosing it might mean loosing control of your merlin telephone system.


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