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The Nouveau Tech Society Scam

Nouveau Tech Society
President: Wallace H. Ward
Founded: 1991
Location: Grove City , Ohio
The Nouveau Tech Society, or the company that is loosely comprised of the following names: Nouveau Society, Neo Tech Publishing, Neo-Tech Research and Writing Center and Neo Tech, has had controversial allegations made against it.

One of these is the fact that the company claims to be a member in good standing, registered with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB. Well we checked.

The company is not registered with the BBB, and moreover The Better Business Bureau has postings up regarding complaints regarding the Neo Tech scam, or Nouveau Tech Society scam, if you like.

In fact it is registered with the Bad Business Bureau.

The organization is accused of being more like a cult than anything, with a crazy man for a leader.

They promise their prospective clients that they can “control the world”, and they prey upon people with problems such as: overweight, no energy, marriage problems, in debt, no control of your life, depression, and believe it or not, poor car.

The Nouveau Tech Society Scam is out there to lure in anyone with problems and suck them dry.

This is a company owned and operated by a single family, and is really quite small.

The family members involved with the fraud are: 1). Wallace Ward-creator of Neo Tech, and writes under pseudonymous such as Frank R. Wallace and John Flint, 2). Rosa Maria Meono-Wallace's wife, 3). Ruth Ward-Daughter of Wallace Ward, and 4).

Wallace H. Ward-Son of Wallace Ward. Why does Mr. Wallace Ward write books under different pen names to try to fool people? We aren't sure but it sure does look fishy.

The company usually sends letters via mail or e-mail to people telling them that they have been selected to enter their program. Our advice to you is, if you receive a letter from Nouveau Tech, or Neo-Tech, throw it away and don't look back!



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