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The PIPS Scam

People in Profit System (PIPS)
Founder: Bryan Marsden and Sharon Marsden
Location: Malaysia
PIPS investing or the People in Profit System have been getting quite a bit of attention since 2005 when its founder Bryan Marsden was arrested by Malaysian authorities.

The PIPS scam was more then just an investment system, it was the investment. People would pay their cash investment to Bryan Marsden and he would in turn pay the other investors with your money.

The PIPS scam claimed to make its investors 2% per day, each and every day. Compound an initial investment over a year (over 500% return) and you get some idea as to the scope of the PIPS scam.

Sure 2% per day is possible however, even the most seasoned professional wall street investors shoot for 10-15% per month.

We tired to investigate the PIPS scam first hand by talking to investors. We were politely shot down each and every time.

We posted on a few PIPS forums in an attempt to get the details of Bryans arrest and the inside details as to how PIPS was able to function while issuing such large returns. We were not able to attain any information.

Based on the forum results we have to conclude that PIPS investors are of two breeds, those who were swindled by Brian Marsden and those who were swindled and still believe he will return bigger and better then ever.

Perhaps the mot telling piece of evidence against the PIPS scam is the fact that thousands of members have been contacted via email and informed not to reveal anything about PIPS to the authorities.

If you were thinking about PIPS think again, Hard.



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