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Politics Of Parenting

The politics of parenting has been an ongoing debate during the last millennium and will probably continue to be a mystery debated by all. Because there are more than one way to treat children and every culture has a different way and different meaning, something which will change their thinking.

But let us look at a few basic ways that all similar traits in all politics of parenting.

First, the free willed kids.

Some parents take on the aspect of free expression, letting their kids do whatever, whenever and wherever.

Typically these kids do not know their place in life and make up one.

Some parents argue that without proper advice or guidance kids will inevitably choose something that is not good for them and that parents are responsible for helping them avoid these.

On the other extreme of politics of parenting, people are drill sergeants and force their kids to do everything by their rules or well there is no or, it is just their way.

The parents can be loving and offer everything, but it pushes the children to want to break out and run away just to get a taste of doing something without their parents mandating it.

We can see that these are the opposite ends, and being on the opposite end of any debate has never brought about any good.

We need to find a balance between both sides and come to the middle ground.

This is where we offer advice, give suggestions and stand our ground on things we think they should not do, but do not force it down their throat to follow.

Balance, it makes a world of difference in the lives of children.

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