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Powered Quest

It is but by mystical forces that people are driven to take upon themselves a powered qwest. It is a driving force which takes people to new heights, to innovation, to change; all of which is needed in this sad world.

By these ideals people are driven to obtain power over others or to set others free, it all depends on the ideals of the person.

Hitler had a powered qwest for a perfect society in a socialist and communist way.

The ideals were what people want but the way in which he went about enforcing his ideals was indeed a horrific scene which to this day deeply saddens the hearts of many.

By another we can see how someone can set out for human equality and change the face of racial hatred. Many people have journeyed for their powered qwest to success or failure.

The one thing we must learn from this, is that when people are driven to accomplish their ideals, something will happen. Because when someone sets their mind to what they believe in they can accomplish anything they desire.

That is the power of will, of the mind, of self control. Let us all set out on our own powered qwest to obtain peace, joy, wealth, whatever it may be and truly do it. Stop making goals, stick with one and finish it, or else you will end up with a lot of dead ends.

May each and everyone find their ideals and set out on their powered qwest, and let it be for the good of all man kind.

The Business Review
The Business Review