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Primerica Sca ?

Founded: Early 1990s
Founder: Shane Rudman, and Dale Kraus
Location: New York

This article has been edited August 21, 2007 because we received threats from Primerica's lawyers. It seems we cannot try to help our readers. In light of this we'll let you draw your own conclusions!!..Sorry we cannot help any further!

In the early 1990s a new division of Citigroup was created which became Primerica. Primerica has hands in many things, most notably financial services, including life insurance.

The main complaint regarding Primerica is that it is an XXXXXX (EDITED AUGUST 21, 2007). As a result you can find Primerica life insurance agents throughout North America .

With so many agents it is difficult for Primerica to keep tabs on each and every one.

Many agents see only the commission. However, the same could be said of any sales person.

Many agents do in fact XXXXXX (EDITED AUGUST 21, 2007). This results in a plethora of information surrounding the Primerica scam.

We have been researching Primerica for a while now and the one thing that keeps popping up is that many people feel XXXXXX (EDITED AUGUST 21, 2007). In short, many people feel Primerica representatives XXXXXX (EDITED AUGUST 21, 2007).

This in turn leads to a general idea that Primerica itself is a XXXXXX (EDITED AUGUST 21, 2007).

While the products and policies at Primerica seem to be XXXXXX (EDITED AUGUST 21, 2007)

We have to conclude that Primerica is XXXXXX (EDITED AUGUST 21, 2007). However, much of the talk surrounding the Primerica scam XXXXXX (EDITED AUGUST 21, 2007).

If you are thinking of joining Primerica or you have any questions regarding the Primerica Scam investigation we encourage you to research, research, research. There are tens if not hundreds of site with Primerica information. Also, please feel free to contact us here at



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